Yerba Mate: What is it and how to drink it.

Yerba Mate: What is it and how to drink it.

July 25, 2022

If you want to know everything about Yerba Mate, its benefits and properties, how to drink it and where to buy yerba mate in Australia, you came to the correct place. 

We have some good news for you, yerba mate is not only delicious and a great way to start your day, but also a great source of vitamins and energy. 

Let’s start with the basics. Yerba Mate (pronounced mah-teh) comes from a plant, more specifically from a tree called llex paraguariensis (don’t worry, no need to remember that name) that grows in South America. Yerba mate refers to the leaves of this tree, after being harvested and dried. Its properties were discovered more than 300 years ago and are currently loved by people all around the globe.

With a distinct earthy taste and healthy energy boost and stimulation, many people find yerba mate as the perfect alternative to coffee. Even here in Australia!

Yerba Mate Australia

Benefits of drinking yerba mate and why it is a fantastic alternative to coffee


Mornings won’t be the same without a hot drink as most of us crave something warm when we wake up. Starting our days by putting the kettle on has become one of those rituals that make our lives just … happier. 

With the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate, yerba mate can be prepared in different ways and gives you that natural energy that will help you with your daily routine. Naturally Driven offers a wide range of options to try yerba mate and delivered to your lovely home.

Stimulates mental and physical activity

Yes, we know, coffee is amazing but it is hard to keep dealing with the jitters, energy crashes and dehydration, right? Yerba mate provides incredibly clear energy in a healthier way, without disrupting sleep patterns or causing anxiety and even addiction like coffee.

The restorative property of yerba mate on the mind and body is different from coffee, as it has a double stimulating and relaxing effect. This magic combination occurs because yerba mate has other xanthines (stimulating substances) apart from natural caffeine such as theobromine. therefore, its effect is softer, last longer and improves our mood.

Yerba mate is considered a superfood

Packed with 24 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, B, C and E, as well as calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc - amino acids, and antioxidants, yerba is a nutritional powerhouse. This amazing and rare combination of nutrients mean that yerba mate helps to increase endurance, aid in digestion, ease the signs of aging, eliminate stress and relieve insomnia.

Yerba mate also contains 11 polyphenols and exhibits more antioxidant power than any other tea-based drink or coffee. 

no wonder why yerba mate has been used for thousands of years dating back to the Amazon, where tribes would drink yerba mate before hunting to promote alertness and physical endurance. 

How to drink Yerba Mate 

One of the best things about yerba mate is the variety of ways you can prepare it. Many different experiences but all equally amazing. Naturally Driven proudly discovered and offers some incredibly tasty ways of having yerba mate, from the original preparation of South America to tea blends, organic cacao and sparkling beverages.

Organic tea blends with Yerba Mate

Are you a tea person? That’s awesome. Like any other herb, you can drink yerba mate leaves as any other tea infusion. Because fresh tea leaves don’t get bitter, you can keep adding hot water to your fresh tea leaves throughout the day. Naturally Driven offers Yerba Mate Pure Loose Leaf Tea in packages of 130g and 60g. 

But that’s not all, something really incredible occurs when the leaves of yerba mate are combined with other tasty and beautiful herbs.

The Organic Tea Blend of Yerba Mate, Siberian Ginseng and Peppermint is simply refreshing and unique. The anti-inflammatory properties of Siberian Ginseng combined with the magic of yerba mate and flavour of peppermint creates an amazingly complex tea that packs a punch.

Yerba Mate Australia - Organic Tea Blend


For those who love flowers, aromas and the memory of your grandmas’ gardens, the Organic Tea Blend of Hibiscus Rose, Calendula and Yerba Mate is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Its pure flavour and bright pink colours make it almost impossible not to have a second cup.

During the hottest months of the year, we highly recommend preparing an organic and energetic cold tea drink with one of our blends. Add some ice, lemon and ginger, and done! 

The traditional way of drinking yerba mate

As you already know, the origins of yerba mate trace back hundreds of years to South America, where “having mate” is a very strong tradition and is shared with family, friends and even strangers. 

Yerba Mate Australia - Traditional Way


Mate is originally prepared in a gourd and is taken with a metal straw called bombilla. Although the common thing is to use the pure yerba mate, many people like to add some extra herbs to the gourd. Is totally up to you. Naturally Driven offers packs of up to 600g of Pure Leaf Yerba Mate to drink mate in the traditional way. You will also need a thermos to keep the water at the perfect temperature. 

  • Fill your gourd or mate cup just over half full with yerba mate. Tilt the recipient until the herbs cover the side and almost reach the top.
  • Before putting the straw in, pour hot water onto the bottom half of the drink. A temperature of 140-158F (60-70C) is recommended.
  • Relax while the yerba mate leaves absorb the water, which awakens the properties.
  • Put the filtered end of the mate straw into the tea at an angle.
  • Pour hot water (80-90C), not boiling,  into the yerba mate and drink. 

A bit of yerba mate culture 

In countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay (South America), is very common to prepare yerba mate in the traditional way just for the person who is making it but is even more common to share it with others. Is a welcoming act, a sign of friendship and trust.

Is normal to see large or small groups of people passing the mate from hand to hand and chatting. The mate will make the rounds, but only one individual is responsible for that. The person who makes the mate is called the cebador. When the mate is ready, the cebador takes the first serving and refills the gourd. Then, handing the gourd to the next person, the cebador waits while the person drinks and passes the empty gourd back. In a large enough group, two gourds may be circulating, but the process is the same: take, drink, return.

Cacao and Yerba Mate: the adaptogenic combination

Naturally Driven created Majic Mate, an organic superfood blend of Peruvian cacao, roasted yerba mate, MCT oil, reishi and lions mane mushrooms with a blend of spices, coconut sugar and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt. All the good things in one single cup, don’t you think? 

Yerba Mate Australia - Cacao


The Majic Mate Latte Pouch brings 42 serves and is the perfect combination for a morning latte that will make you feel healthier and happier than coffee. By adding 2 teaspoons of hot milk, you will have a delicious hot chocolate that feeds the mind and the soul and helps with stamina and stress management.

Organic and sparkling yerba mate: cold and natural energizer

The Sparkling Yerba Mate is the perfect way of having yerba mate if you like fresh, natural and easy-to-drink energizers that you can take cold from the fridge. Created with 100% natural ingredients, Sparking Yebra Mate comes in the original flavour (pure yerba mate) or YUZU flavour (lemon, lime, mandarine and orange).

 Yerba Mate Australia - Sparkling

Where to buy Yerba Mate in Australia

Naturally Driven’s yerba mate products can be found in more than 100 stores around Australia that like us, love yerba mate! You can also get your favourite yerba mate product at the Naturally Driven online shop today.




Written by Sofia Prida.

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