All our ingredients have been mindfully selected with an interest in maintaining
your body's Homeostasis, this is an equilibrium where the independent elements
and processes of your body coincide in harmony

Yerba Maté: Ilex Paraguariensis


Slight green tea taste with grassy and refreshing with a hint of eucalypt on the nose.
Sustained energy & focus
Improves detoxification
Reduces Inflammatory
Reduces stress & anxiety
Improves metabolism
Decreases Heart risk


Rose: Rosa Rugosa 

Rose petals are a wonderful calming addition to our teas, they are a great source of vitamins B, C2 and E.
Has been shown too:
Mood boosting
Stimulate digestion
Anti inflammatory
Provide Relief from menstrual cramps

Hibiscus: Hibiscus Sabdariffa 

Dried hibiscus flower has a mild tart flavour that blends perfectly in our teas.
Hibiscus has been used for centuries for its many medicinal purposes.
It has been shown too:
Help fight bacterial infections
Packed with antioxidants
Boosts liver health
Help lower blood fat levels.

Calendula: Calendula Officinalis 

This beautiful bright flower is an edible flower that is part of the sunflower family.
The flavor is a sweet honeyed one with a hint of spice.
Has been shown to:
Be great for treating skin conditions such as eczema
Be Great for lymphatic health
Help soothe intestinal inflammation

Peppermint: (Mentha x Piperita) 

Obviously possesses a delicate minty flavour and is rich in Vitamins A and C,
along with the mineral magnesium. Its active ingredient is menthol.
Has Been shown too:
Ease digestive upsets
Fight bacterial infection
Be an effective Muscle relaxant and pain reliever


Siberian Ginseng: 

This Species is ginseng and has proven more potent than other types.
It is widely considered to improve cognitive functions including memory and
It has an earthy flavour with a touch of sweetness.
Has been shown too:
Be a powerful antioxidant
Possess anti inflammatory properties
Help with Immune boosting,
improve mood
improve endurance
Regulate blood sugar levels




This crisp zingy circus with a mild bitter sour taste
Benifits the immune system
May help prevent insulin resistance & diabetes
Powerful antioxidant
Improves heart health



This Japanese winter citrus fruit is a delicious tangy tart flavour that is usually described as
the love child of a lime, lemon & orange with a unique layered flavour profile.
Highly nutritious
Mood enhancer
Relieves Inflammation
May improve blood flow


A warm pungent sweet flavour with a very slight woody flavour.
Regulates blood sugar
Treats nausea
Anti inflammatory

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