Rainforest Rescue

Our Partnership


Naturally Driven and Rainforest Rescue are the ultimate partnership. We came together with the shared point of view that humans have a responsibility to protect our natural world. Our mission has always been to give back to a charity that is doing great things for the environment and ultimately helping to reverse the effects of climate change

Rainforest rescues mission

Initially, they source blocks of private land which had been previously cleared and used for agriculture that is either connected, or close to existing rainforests. The site is cleared of the old crops, the soil is regenerated, and native rainforest trees are then planted by hand. The trees are all grown from seed in their nurseries and when they are strong enough, they are moved out to the lot. This is a painstaking process that we have luckily been able to see first-hand. Not only do you have weeds to deal with (they usually don't grow in fully formed rainforests due to the canopy) but harsh weather conditions and the need to plant thousands upon thousands of trees per acre. This is backbreaking work and it's these efforts and amazing human beings that we are so proud to support.

How does Naturally Driven contribute?

We donate 2% of all revenue (not profits). Our aim is to generate $1 million in revenue this year coming. It's a huge goal but hey, why not shoot for the stars. If, together we reach that goal, it means we’ll donate $20,000 to rainforest rescue which roughly equates to 2000 trees planted. As you can see, we’ve got a huge task ahead!

On top of monetary contribution, we can’t wait to get our hands dirty and send our entire team up there for planting days. We also want to raise awareness and spread the word of the amazing work Rainforest Rescue does, which is the driving force behind our collaborative tea infuser and thermal bottle.


How can we help together

Our message is simple. Together we can make a change. It starts with us. So please come with us on our journey as we embark on a mission to plant as many trees as possible, to breathe further life into our native rainforests and give back to the earth that gives so much to us. How can you help? Not just by buying our products. We want our tribe to join us on planting days and by doing volunteer work to help out. We’ll be there. Please join us - To register your interest in volunteering or being part of a tree planting day with Naturally Driven 

Or to find out more about Rainforest Rescue please visit their website - https://www.rainforestrescue.org.au/

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