Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate - The Liquid vegetable. The drink of the Gods
 The Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific Society concluded that “Yerba Mate contains practically all the vitamins necessary to sustain life.”
Unlike the "peak and crash" you get from coffee, Yerba Maté contains "slow release" caffeine which gives you sustained energy over the day to keep you buzzing in the right way. Switched on, focussed and clear.

Containing powerful adaptogens that help protect the bodies cells against stress whilst creating new neural pathways that increase mental capacity. The best medicine is always prevention! 
By increasing energy available to your digestive system, Yerba Maté helps to stimulate weight loss by improving overall metabolism within the cells while also limiting the availability of fat cells available to be stored as fat tissue. 
Yerba Maté increases vasodilation and pulmonary circulation, resulting in healthier heart muscles and protection against oxidation of cholesterol. 

Containing hepatoprotective (liver protecting) and strengthening properties, Yerba Maté works to increase overall detoxification and purification within the liver resulting in better digestion and elimination of toxins. 
Yerba Maté has been found to contain 90% more antioxidants than green tea including Polyphenols that reduce inflammation within the body.

Yerba Maté (pronounced Mah-TAY) 
is a South American drink brewed from dried leaves of the holly genus plant, with the botanical name Ilex paraguariensis.
This powerful leaf is packed full of natural caffeine for energy. 

How does it taste?
Like green tea. Grassy and refreshing with a hint of eucalypt on the nose
How much Caffeine does Yerba Maté contain?
Half the strength of a strong coffee  - 1 x tablespoon of dry leaves contains 55mg 
How often and much should I drink?
We recommend anywhere from 2 – 5 cups, or 2 - 3 Cans day

Health benefits 
Yerba Mate contains a variety of bioactive components, including polyphenols, xanthines, flavonoids, inositol, tannins, dicaffeoylquinic acids, pantothenic acid, saponins, amino acids, minerals (calcium, chromium, manganese, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc), and vitamins (A, C, E, B1, B2, Niacin, and B5

The key difference is it also contains natural Theobromine (also found in cocoa). The combination of these gives energy with a calming effect, eliminating the ‘jitters’ normally associated with caffeine consumption.
Yerba Mate is famous for giving longevity and a c leaner type of energy. 

Scientific research shows Yerba Maté to be a powerful antioxidant. The key health benefits include increased mental clarity, focus, alertness, as well as mood elevation. Yerba Maté is one of nature’s most balanced stimulants.
It also contains high levels of natural Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Manganese and even has some protein with almost zero calories which helps to stimulate your metabolism.
Adding to this the refreshing flavour and you have the ultimate, healthy and refreshing beverage

  • The Legend Of Yari The Goddess Of Maté

    To pay our respects to the ancient traditions of Yerba Mate
    we wanted to share the mythology of the Legend of Yari a story passed down from The Guarani tribe,
    portrayed above in this beautiful artistic representation.
    Art by: Rosie Carter.

The Guarani people tended to their cherished land learned the cycles of the soil and
became aware of it’s distinct pattern, leading to the tribe migrating to new land. 
One of the elderly Guarani warriors had long lost his strength and stamina to hunt,
fish & farm refused to go on, deciding instead to  remain at the original settlement to see out his days.
The youngest of his daughters, Yari, made a bold commitment to stay by her father’s side, instead of migrating.
This display of devotion and pure love was to be greatly rewarded.
One day Yari and her elderly father were visited by a mysterious traveller in need of food and rest.
They welcomed him into their home with open arms, unaware that their visitor was
a shaman who had been sent to them from Tups (the God.) in thanks of their
hospitality he granted them one wish
The Guarani warrior asked that his life force, strength and stamina be restored,
so that he could grant his beautiful daughter Yari her life back,
one where she could live freely without having to care for him.
The shaman smiled and soon returned with a branch of the caa tree.
He displayed the branch to them and quickly proceeded to plant the shrub,
picking the luscious green leaves, which he later dried beside the fire.
Once dried he ground the leaves finely,
he placed them into a gourd and added hot water, encouraging the father to sip the brew.
As the elderly warrior sipped the brew his vitality returned and in time he was finally
able to follow the path of and be reunited with the long departed Guarani tribe.
Meanwhile Yari was turned into the Goddess of the Moon,
who’s spirit has protected the Guarani people & Yerba Matè plant ever since.
The Guarani tribe adopted the ritual of drinking the green herb to restore their strength,
courage and vitality, used in rituals & drunk before hunting this plant became a life force for the tribe.

We would like to thank the talented Rosie Carter for this incredible custom art.

The beauty in Rosie’s art is evident.
Utilising rich watercolours and depicting divine beings. Rosie’s art is a welcomed escape from the harshness apparent in the now-world.
Supporting local artist is important to the team at Naturally Driven, for more art by Rosie visit
Insta: @rosielee21



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