Pep in your step - 100% Organic blend of Yerba Maté, Siberian Ginseng and Peppermint Tea

As the name suggests this Tea will give you a pep in your step. Siberian Ginseng is renowned for its immune boosting and anti inflammatory properties. Combine that with Yerba Maté it gives you energy and focus. The flavour of Peppermint provides a cool refreshing aftertaste. An amazingly complex Tea that packs a punch!

Health Benefits per serve (1 tablespoon dry leaves)

⚡️ 35mg of Caffeine (a third of a coffee)

✔️ 28mg of Pottasium

✔️ 7mg of Magnessium

✔️ 7mg of Calcium

✔️ High in antioxidants

👍 50 serves in each bag