Plant-Based Energy


It all comes from Yerba Mate

High levels of "slow Release" Natural Caffeine!

Known as the "liquid vegetable" because of how many vitamins and minerals it contains

Clean tasting and refreshing in which ever form you choose to make it

Our Yerba Maté is not bitter like some others as its only "Pure Leaf" with no stem


Our Naturally Energizing Sparkling Teas

Variety of flavors and packs that simply won’t disappoint

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Our Naturally Energizing Loose Leaf Teas

Variety of flavors and packs that simply won’t disappoint

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The Ultimate Coffee Alternative!

Our adaptogenic latté is a grounding and delicious blend of:

-Medicinal mushrooms
-Yerba Matè
-MCT Oil
-Spices & Coconut Sugar

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We’re Dedicated to Saving the Australian Rainforests

We donate 2% of all revenue to Rainforest Rescue. This means that your purchase is helping to regenerate rainforests all over Australia! We appreciate your purchases and support.

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We’ve helped plant over 1000 trees


100% Organic and Sustainable Farming

Our Yerba Maté is grown among wildlife on a parcel of land in Southern Brazil owned by the same family for four generations. Proving their sustainability, each area of the plantation is sectioned off and then harvested by hand every 2 years, allowing for better preservation and regeneration of the surrounding flora and fauna.

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Energy Drinks Should Evolve with the World

Using a custom cold brewing process means we are able to lock in all of the health benefits, flavour profile and natural caffeine. We then blend with a touch of Organic juice and cane sugar (no sweeteners) and lightly carbonate to produce a refreshing and dry energy drink. Nothing else added, no ingredients with weird numbers you don’t understand. Just nature in a can. Yummy!

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Our Journey

An idea that was brought to life by two friends on the dance floor after sharing a love for Yerba Maté and a mutual frustration at the lack of healthy non-alcoholic alternatives. So at that moment our journey began to develop a sparkling Yerba Mate beverage that only contains ingredients from nature...

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