Lets get nerdy

Lets get nerdy

April 04, 2020

Myth or Legend? 

Discovered in Brazil by the ancient Guarani tribe, Yerba Maté is a naturally caffeinated leaf from the Ilex Paraguariensis plant, a native holly tree species. The leaves are traditionally dried, ground and then mixed with hot water and spices and served in a hollow gourd. The resulting beverage, Maté, is savoured for ceremonious enjoyment or with friends and family any time of the day.


Yerba Maté is everything you could want from a drink, and more. 



Packed full of transformational properties including antioxidants, adaptogens and nutrients, incorporating this powerful herb into your daily routine will leave your body, mind and soul nourished on every level! 






Unlike the "peak and crash" you get from coffee, Yerba Maté contains "slow release" caffeine which gives you sustained energy over the day to keep you buzzing in the right way. Switched on, focussed and clear.



Containing powerful adaptogens that help protect the bodies cells against stress whilst creating new neural pathways that increase mental capacity. The best medicine is always prevention! 



By increasing energy available to your digestive system, Yerba Maté helps to stimulate weight loss by improving overall metabolism within the cells while also limiting the availability of fat cells available to be stored as fat tissue. 



Yerba Maté increases vasodilation and pulmonary circulation, resulting in healthier heart muscles and protection against oxidation of cholesterol. 



Containing hepatoprotective (liver protecting) and strengthening properties, Yerba Maté works to increase overall detoxification and purification within the liver resulting in better digestion and elimination of toxins. 



Yerba Maté has been found to contain 90% more antioxidants than green tea including Polyphenols that reduce inflammation within the body. 



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