Organic Yerba Mate Pure Leaf - 600G Pack - Free Shipping

Per serve (1 tablespoon of dry leaves)

✔️ 55mg of Caffeine
✔️ 40mg of Potassium
✔️ 23mg of Magnesium
✔️ 22mg of Calcium
✔️ 3.5 Grams of Protein
✔️ Super high in antioxidants
✔️ 200 x serves in each bag

Our hand harvested loose leaf is packed full of nutrients and is regarded as one of nature's best sources of Polyphenols (the most potent of all natural antioxidants). Containing high levels of slow release caffeine, Maté is famous for boosting energy and mental focus. But the most impressive attribute to Maté is the feeling of euphoria you get from drinking it! 

Ingredients: 100% Organic Fair Trade Yerba Mate
Country of Origin: Brazil
Harvested: Late 2019